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Only The Few Apparel launch: Tshirts and Hoodies #1

Finally, we bring Only The Few to your back! As one of Only The Few you are invited to wear your kit with pride. The first of what we hope will be a long line of toggs that you’ll be revving your engines to get your hands on… As you know we are a small group, not a big company with large finances behind us, so there will be limited stock deliveries. All this means is, please be patient for your delivery date! We will keep you informed every step of the way trying to confirm a rough delivery date with you as soon as possible. So it will be first come first served. Pay now to reserve your Only The Few Tshirts and Hoodies for the first delivery date this summer.

How to pay?

  1. For payments in £’s (GBP):- Ideally we love you to send us a transfer or pay direct into our UK Nationwide account. Please subject your transfer (or payment with cash into Nationwide), with your full name, so we can keep track of your payments.  Then please add your sizes to the comments below, if we have not already received them via FB.
    • Miss Candice Curtis
      IBAN: GB NAIA 0701 1630 8808 07
      Account number: 070116 / 30880807
      Bic: NAIAGB21
      Swift: MIDLGB22
  1. For all payments:- If you simply can not manage to pay direct with a bank transfer or cash into Nationwide, you are welcome to pay with Paypal (at the bottom of this page). Sign in and pay with your Paypal credit, a saved payment method or with a new credit card. Clothing Sizes indicated during ‘Add to Cart’.
  2. Any problems you can contact us for help!

For your records: Whilst we are starting up ALL transactions are made out to any of these names and one of these names will appear on your bank statement.

  • Paypal: ONLYTHEFEW and/or onlythefewonline(at)


  • We want to achieve the lowest prices possible for the shipping of your Only The Few clothing so, shipping is not included in the price. However with your shipping location we will collect the best shipping prices for you before dispatch.
  • Please comment below if you want to share delivery with others in your area?
  • We will contact you once our first order leaves the factory in June, to confirm your shipping address so  stay tuned!

Only The Few Tshirts: £25


Only The Few Hoodies (printed): £50


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